Who could possibly make a realistic adaptation of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' without completely emasculating the massive body count, rape, and pillaging?


Plus, a Diamond Age miniseries with Stephenson writing the screenplay? YESPLZ


Casting ideas for cayce? hmmz.

Too bad those rumors of a Snow Crash miniseries came to nothing though

ELLEN PAGE AS Y.T. kthxbye

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Hmm, so, this year I've had this strategy of rewarding myself for getting decent grades. I got a couple of As on major projects, so I bought  zune last night. Wheee. Now I can insulate myself in a cocoon of sound as I walk to class, and not have to say hi to you! woooooo.

Also, due to my deep mistrust of hard drive players, I bought a realllly protective case.  It now looks like... I don't even know.

PS, I just was just informed of just how awesome Beirut is. Check out their video for 'Elephant Gun'. Also, I finally got around to the new spoon album, and it is quite enjoyable.

life, sleep, and such.

ARRgghlrlrlrgl. That was a nice nap. I managed not to make too big of a mess of either assignment I decided was more important than sleep last night, I think. I feel really bad, because I ditched a friend this weekend due to my procrastination- I was going to go see her this evening, but it's a 7 hour drive, and I didn't think I could handle it on 1 hour of sleep. le sigh. My apologies, Torrey.

Anyway, what I guess that means is that I'm free to go home for the spoon river scenic drive this weekend. For those of you who aren't from this part of the world, a scenic drive is theoretically where tourists drive around from town to town in picturesque rural areas, stopping at each one to buy kitschy local crafts and homemade food. Anyway, I've played violin at this one every year for a decade, and I would have felt weird about skipping. Also, I get to see my brother this weekend now, so it's not a total loss. Hah, he's going to be so disgusted at some of the stuff I can do on the violin that I couldn't do last time I saw him. ahahaha, I miss him so much.

In other news, it's 11:01 pm, and I'm eating my first meal of the day. As best I can remember, I just sustained myself on apples for about 18 hours straight.

In other other news, life is good. I'm not going to turn this into a stereotypical LJ post, (ask me IRL if you care, I suppose) but life has been pretty tumultuous the last few weeks, and for better and for worse, a feeling of stability is finally pervading my routine. I'm trying not to be too unhappy with how things have worked out because it could have gone worse in so many ways. Plus, practicing really challenging things is a great way to distract myself, I'm finding, so I guess at the very least I'll come out of this prepared to kick ass in some contests next year. :S

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Yawn. Another week, and still no computer. Thanks to perleberg for the use of a lappy anyway. I'm really itching to do some recording since I've been in such a musical mood the last couple of weeks.  On the plus side, I have a bunch of really neat new music. On the not-plus side, I shut my finger in a car door yesterday. I didn't break the nail, happily, but it makes playing musical things vaguely unpleasant.

Also, Neal 1 is somewhat on a short leash for the time being, which seems to mean 'lets go off-campus and burn things instead'. Wheee.

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So, I didn't really mean to abandon this when I got to school, but, eh, real life kicked in. Partially because I don't have a computer right now, I've been less connected so my various electronic puppet-strings this month than I have in a long time. What's new? A lot of stuff, I guess.
I'm playing violin a ton these days, which is really making my happy. I'm really making strides in jazz, and I have finally found the work ethic to expand my texas-style repertoire. Also, I've found someone to critique my technique, and although I largely ignore her, it's good to be thinking about it again. I'm not sure why I didn't do this stuff years ago, honestly. A lot of it is the fact that my new violin has given me somewhat of a second wind- things I was unhappy with in my sound were not my fault, I realized, but the instrument's. Being granted overnight a much more pleasing tone has in turn set me back on the path of pursuing a more pleasing sound through my technique. It's like a vicious circle, but instead, it's awesome.

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Doggone this shit is sweet. Fuck responsibilities, I think I'll just listen to all the music I've ever liked again, to hear all the stuff I was missing.


I'll be on campus by the 31st, most likely. See you there!

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Meh. Instead of going back to bed, I spent the last 3 hours cutting up that tree (yay chainsaws) and getting it out of the road. That's another thing about living in the country that a lot of people subscribe to: it's your responsibility to keep your road clear. This may just be a matter of practicality, since nobody else is liable to do it for us for a week or two if we didn't, but it's also a matter of common courtesy- something needs to be done, and if you're equipped to do it and someone else isn't you do it, and that's all there is to the matter.

Anyway, my headphones are arriving any minute. WOOOOOOOO

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So, my family supplies firewood to my grandparents, and I was going to make the trip down to Edwardsville this morning to deliver it with my dad. We get up at 5, we're pulling out the driveway, and, hey, guess what? There's a hundred-foot locust across the road. There's no other way to get out with a loaded trailer, so we just went back to bed.

I should be mad for being awoken at 5 for no good reason, I suppose, but more than that, I'm amused that my plans can be changed so easily by nature because of where I live. Most people these days are used to having any obstructions nature throws in their way cleaned up within hours. When I call a friend and say 'We got snowed in last night, see you in a week', sometimes they just don't understand. A couple of times people have actually seemed quite irritated that I am not, ah, sufficiently in control of my own domain? But that's when I love nature the most- when it gets in my way. When it's raining too hard, snowing too hard, too hot, too cold, or my road has turned into a miles-long strip of mud? That's when I really love the country.

Regarding Trees

As the few of you who have been to my house can attest, my family takes trees seriously. For the majority of you who haven't, the short version goes like this: over the years my family has planted about 20k trees on former farm ground. We're in the process of creating our own little forest kingdom. It should be done in a century or two. Anyway, having established my authority on the subject, on to the subject of today's lecture: shitty trees.
The two trees that fell and hit my future home last week were, as best I can recall, none other than soft maples, a tree which is as prolific as it is short-lived. It grows tall, fast, and weak, and never lasts more than a couple of decades at a mature size. Why on earth they were planted instead of something with more strength and longevity, I'm not sure. All I can say is that we had better think a bit more carefully about they are replaced with. These days wikipedia can tell you about strength, hardyness, tolerance of soil compaction and other problems associated with a spacially limited urban environment- pretty much everything you need to know to pick a tree that doesn't suck.